The Board of Fire Commissioners of the Mount Holly Fire District No.1 is tasked with the administration of fire services in Mount Holly Township.  The Fire District was created by Mount Holly Township Ordinance 1992-12 and has all the powers of municipal government except the power to legislate. All local legislation is created through the Mount Holly Township Council.  The Fire District is the responsible public agency for providing fire services for and to the Township.  The Board is comprised of five members who are elected by the voters of the Township to serve staggered three year terms.  The annual election is statutorily held on the third Saturday of February between the hours of 2PM and 9PM.  Included in the election are the election of commissioner(s) and approval of the annual budget.  As the need arises, special elections may be held to approve bond issues and/or capital expenditures. These special elections must also be publicly advertised.

The Board is a policy making body which oversees all aspects of the District and are charged with establishing operational policies, appointment of members, hiring of employees and formation of an annual budget which is utilized for the provision of fire services within Mount Holly Township.

Joshua Brown, Treasurer – Term expires March 2019

Richard McIlwee, Vice Chairman – Term expires March 2020

Donald Pike, Chairman – Term expires March 2020

Jason Fajgier, Commissioner – Term expires March 2021

Stefanie Haines, Secretary – Term expires March 2021